Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Social Networking Newshound 2.27.07

Andreessen betting name on new Ning Free social networking service ...
Andreessen has staked his reputation and his own money on this ambitious gambit in the already crowded and competitive social networking space dominated by ...

The latest Internet gamble: Hot sites could be worth billions ...
SBut the 22-year-old founder of the Internet's second-largest social-networking site also could turn into the next poster boy for missed opportunities if he ...

Social networking continues to diversify
The popularity of web 2.0 content across different demographics has meant that social networking sites have continued to successfully target specialised or ...

Green Marketers Tap Into Social Networking
Spreading the word to the global village Online social networking sites may be the ultimate marketing medium for social responsibility causes such as ...

MilitarySpot.net Brings Social Networking to Military People
COM)-- MilitarySpot.net, a social networking community created just for the military, is now online and ready to serve military people worldwide. ...

Businesses start to see benefits of social networking
Viadeo plans to ensure businesses enjoy the same advantages as teenagers by exploiting the art of social networking for professionals. ...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Rate My Room - HGTV Launches Social Network
By Pete Cashmore
HGTV, the home and garden cable channel owned by Scripps Networks, launched a social network on Monday called “Rate My Room“. It was developed by Neighborhood America, which creates social networks for organizations like ABC, ...
Mashable! - http://mashable.com

Pew Internet Report: 55% of teens use social networking sites
By Stewart Mader
If you still needed evidence why it’s critical to understand and use social networking and collaborative tools, here it is. The Pew Internet & American Life Project recently released a report based on a telephone survey of 935 teens ...
Using Wiki in Education - http://www.ikiw.org

Social networking site graphs strength of friendships
By therebelking
A spinoff company from Microsoft called Wallop, still in invitation-only mode, hopes to redefine online social networking. While the details are not complete, Wallop is a flexible platform that allows people to centralize blog posts, ...
Cornell Info 204 - Networks - http://expertvoices.nsdl.org/cornell-info204

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Social Networking Newshound

Social Network Marketing for more information about Web 2.0!

Iqons - Social Networking for Fashion Types
By Orli Sharaby
Picture_1_30 There's a new social network on the block, and the other social networks could be set to develop a serious inferiority complex. Iqons.com has just made its entrance to the social networking party - dressed to the nines ...
fashion.psfk - http://fashion.psfk.com/

IDEA #22 - Amazon.com Social Networking
By Steve Poland
There must be a way to turn Amazon.com’s userbase into a huge social network. Amazon offers an API that gives access to their user reviews (although it may just be per product — so you grab a product and then get the user reviews ...
Techquila Shots - http://www.techquilashots.com

Social Networking APIs
By Marc Canter
Those same APIs are available to any developer to intrinsicly add social networking or blogging to their app or service. And needless to say - we can’t wait till everyone opens up - cause they ain’t right now. The Facebook TOS is still ...
Marc's Voice - http://blog.broadbandmechanics.com

Social Networking: Not Just For Teens Anymore
Think of it as MySpace for businesspeople. Internet-based social-networking services today are most popular among consumers, particularly the teen-age set. But social-networking tools hold a lot of promise for business applications too.
GlobalSpec - Engineering News... - http://www.globalspec.com/engnews/

Attendr - Social Networking Experiment
In alignment with my pursuit of social networking knowledge.. I would like to ask for your help. I am exploring the practical application of social networking sites. One I have recently been playing with is attendr. ...
Lead 2020
Visions on Leading - http://blogs.lib.ncsu.edu/page/lead2020

Friday, February 16, 2007

Social Networking Newshound

Second Life hailed next big social networking web site
University of Evansville Crescent online - Evansville,IN,USA
That is because it was my first foray into Second Life, the buzzed-about and controversial online role-playing and social networking site that is being ...

Social networking sites become personal memorials after death
Gainesville Sun - Gainesville,FL,USA
More than half of teenagers who use the Internet frequent social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, where they create elaborate profiles and ...

UK farmers get broadband, blogging, and social networking
Blog Herald - Bunbury,Australia
I’ll be honest, farmers aren’t the first group I think of engaging in social networking sites online. In fact, I’ma little surprised that so many farmers ...

MySpace's Newest Rival Could Change The Social Networking Era
newswireless.net - London,UK
PaidSpaces.com is set to revolutionize the way we do social networking. Millionaires will be made as this new company shares its wealth with its members ...

Exclusive First Look: UrbanSeeder, new social network

By Robert Scoble
Here we get an exclusive first look, from the floor of the LIFT conference that happened last week in Geneva, Switzerland, to UrbanSeeder, which is a unique social networking application. Maya started it to meet people and to get out of ...
PodTech.net: Technology, Business,... - http://www.podtech.net/home

Coming Soon: Social Network APIs
By John Musser
The article predicts many of the bigger social network sites like MySpace, LinkedIn, and Friendster will follow the lead of the Facebook API and make their networks available as web services. What’s the motivation? ...
ProgrammableWeb - http://blog.programmableweb.com

Social Networking for Emergency Response
By (Adena Schutzberg)
An article in Science, covered by the Discovey Channel highlights the potential use of social networking on the Web as a tool of emergency response. The idea is to take advantage of existing groups and their trust relationships to help ...
All Points Blog - http://www.allpointsblog.com/

DNA Tracing: The Next Social Networking Network?
By Lorelle VanFossen
What makes this new social networking trend fascinating is the new relationships that could form because of this. The concept of “family” has been changing for a long time in the United States and elsewhere as we move farther apart from ...
The Blog Herald - http://www.blogherald.com

Social Networking is Here to Stay
By Criteo
A few years ago, the whole concept of what a social network could be hadn't fully developed to a point where we knew what to expect from these services. Even today, the definition of a social network is continually being redefined as ...
Criteo The Blog - http://blog.criteo.com/

Blog News 2.16.07

New blog surveys media reports on Episcopal Church
Worldwide Faith News (press release) - New York,NY,USA
Called "epiScope: looking over the Episcopal Church," the blog seeks "to add perspective and context to some stories, and to correct the record in other ...

EDITOR'S BLOG: More thoughts on robins
Crossville Chronicle - Crossville,TN,USA
Mike, I enjoyed your BLOG about robins. I have a little more information about them for you. Tennessee robins do not migrate south in the winter. ...

How LexisNexis Added Blog Search to Content Lineup
MarketingSherpa.com (subscription) - Portsmouth,RI,USA
For every online content site that has added a blog to its lineup, just as many are still questioning how blogs fit with their traditional media products. ...

Balch Springs Mayor pro tem loses job after offensive blog post
TexasGigs - Dallas,TX,USA
On January 16, Moffett had written a 600-word, profanity-laced MySpace blog post criticizing the police and questioning the sexuality and financial worth of ...
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Visual blog departs politics for esthetic endeavors
Asia Pacific Media Network - Los Angeles,CA,USA
The journey reached full circle this month for Electronposts (electronposts.blogspot.com), once an open, visual blog dedicated solely to fight the ...

SCO goes after Groklaw legal blog
IT Week - London,UK
Jones has always denied any links between her blog and IBM. Jones stated in her most recent posting to the website that she was taking a " health break". ...
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Fried Chicken Daytona Blog
NBCSports.com - Mendota Height,MN,USA
He graciously offered to blog about his experiences as a “fried chicken-eating fan” over the weekend. A NASCAR fan since he was 6, and a previous attendee ...

Plagiarizing blog posts is stupid

By aral
RexyStudios, who ripped off my blog posts on User Interface Design Principles for Web Applications (ripped off copy here) and Best Practices for client-side validation in Flex 2 (ripped off copy here) are, according to their Founder and ...
Aral Balkan - http://aralbalkan.com

Did I say that?
By Seth Godin
An interview with Seth Godin (mostly about ad agencies and CMOs). It's a podcast. Some excerpts:. Sally: How can CMOs stay 'small' if their primary objective is to gain market share? Seth: If any CMO’s primary objective is to gain ...
Seth's Blog - http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/

Server electricity use skyrockets
By nick
Technology Review reports on a new study (pdf) from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory which reveals that the electricity used by server computers doubled between 2000 and 2005. The report, which appears to be the most definitive ...
Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog - http://www.roughtype.com/

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Daily Social Network Newshound 2.15.07

Illinois Senator aims to ban social networking sites in schools, libraries
February 14, 2007 15:06
Murphy has proposed a new law, called the Social Networking Website Prohibition Act, which would prohibit all social networking sites from public libraries and schools.

Breakup Advice Meets Social Networking
New site invites web users to weigh in on whether to give up on a relationship.
article: http://www.redherring.com/Article.aspx?a=21293&hed=Breakup+Advice+Meets+Social+Networking§or=Industries&subsector=EntertainmentAndMedia
website: Should I Dump Him Or Not.com

3 strikes social networking partnership with Intercasting
New Media Age - London,UK
3G mobile operator 3 has struck a partnership with social networking aggregator Interacasting to let 3 users acess a range of social networks

Interracial Social Networking Site Interracialoasis.com Launches
Newswire Today (press release) - London,UK
Social networking sites create lasting communities, repeat traffic and offers a fantastic opportunity to serve this highly underserved audience.

Remodeled FlippingHomes.com Unveils Enhanced Education and Social
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
The updated Flipping Homes 2.0 is aimed at creating an "even more Web 2.0-friendly, social networking-based website community," according to Moses.

Social networking goes mobile
CNN International - USA
The second challenge is that so much of what is viewed on the net is user generated content; videos, personal Web pages, social networking sites.

ANTHEM - What is mobile social networking?
We're talking about PHONES here, folks.

Active Rain.com
Nice social network for real estate professionals.


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