Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Social Networking Newshound

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Iqons - Social Networking for Fashion Types
By Orli Sharaby
Picture_1_30 There's a new social network on the block, and the other social networks could be set to develop a serious inferiority complex. Iqons.com has just made its entrance to the social networking party - dressed to the nines ...
fashion.psfk - http://fashion.psfk.com/

IDEA #22 - Amazon.com Social Networking
By Steve Poland
There must be a way to turn Amazon.com’s userbase into a huge social network. Amazon offers an API that gives access to their user reviews (although it may just be per product — so you grab a product and then get the user reviews ...
Techquila Shots - http://www.techquilashots.com

Social Networking APIs
By Marc Canter
Those same APIs are available to any developer to intrinsicly add social networking or blogging to their app or service. And needless to say - we can’t wait till everyone opens up - cause they ain’t right now. The Facebook TOS is still ...
Marc's Voice - http://blog.broadbandmechanics.com

Social Networking: Not Just For Teens Anymore
Think of it as MySpace for businesspeople. Internet-based social-networking services today are most popular among consumers, particularly the teen-age set. But social-networking tools hold a lot of promise for business applications too.
GlobalSpec - Engineering News... - http://www.globalspec.com/engnews/

Attendr - Social Networking Experiment
In alignment with my pursuit of social networking knowledge.. I would like to ask for your help. I am exploring the practical application of social networking sites. One I have recently been playing with is attendr. ...
Lead 2020
Visions on Leading - http://blogs.lib.ncsu.edu/page/lead2020

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