Friday, February 16, 2007

Blog News 2.16.07

New blog surveys media reports on Episcopal Church
Worldwide Faith News (press release) - New York,NY,USA
Called "epiScope: looking over the Episcopal Church," the blog seeks "to add perspective and context to some stories, and to correct the record in other ...

EDITOR'S BLOG: More thoughts on robins
Crossville Chronicle - Crossville,TN,USA
Mike, I enjoyed your BLOG about robins. I have a little more information about them for you. Tennessee robins do not migrate south in the winter. ...

How LexisNexis Added Blog Search to Content Lineup (subscription) - Portsmouth,RI,USA
For every online content site that has added a blog to its lineup, just as many are still questioning how blogs fit with their traditional media products. ...

Balch Springs Mayor pro tem loses job after offensive blog post
TexasGigs - Dallas,TX,USA
On January 16, Moffett had written a 600-word, profanity-laced MySpace blog post criticizing the police and questioning the sexuality and financial worth of ...
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Visual blog departs politics for esthetic endeavors
Asia Pacific Media Network - Los Angeles,CA,USA
The journey reached full circle this month for Electronposts (, once an open, visual blog dedicated solely to fight the ...

SCO goes after Groklaw legal blog
IT Week - London,UK
Jones has always denied any links between her blog and IBM. Jones stated in her most recent posting to the website that she was taking a " health break". ...
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Fried Chicken Daytona Blog - Mendota Height,MN,USA
He graciously offered to blog about his experiences as a “fried chicken-eating fan” over the weekend. A NASCAR fan since he was 6, and a previous attendee ...

Plagiarizing blog posts is stupid

By aral
RexyStudios, who ripped off my blog posts on User Interface Design Principles for Web Applications (ripped off copy here) and Best Practices for client-side validation in Flex 2 (ripped off copy here) are, according to their Founder and ...
Aral Balkan -

Did I say that?
By Seth Godin
An interview with Seth Godin (mostly about ad agencies and CMOs). It's a podcast. Some excerpts:. Sally: How can CMOs stay 'small' if their primary objective is to gain market share? Seth: If any CMO’s primary objective is to gain ...
Seth's Blog -

Server electricity use skyrockets
By nick
Technology Review reports on a new study (pdf) from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory which reveals that the electricity used by server computers doubled between 2000 and 2005. The report, which appears to be the most definitive ...
Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog -

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