Friday, February 16, 2007

Social Networking Newshound

Second Life hailed next big social networking web site
University of Evansville Crescent online - Evansville,IN,USA
That is because it was my first foray into Second Life, the buzzed-about and controversial online role-playing and social networking site that is being ...

Social networking sites become personal memorials after death
Gainesville Sun - Gainesville,FL,USA
More than half of teenagers who use the Internet frequent social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, where they create elaborate profiles and ...

UK farmers get broadband, blogging, and social networking
Blog Herald - Bunbury,Australia
I’ll be honest, farmers aren’t the first group I think of engaging in social networking sites online. In fact, I’ma little surprised that so many farmers ...

MySpace's Newest Rival Could Change The Social Networking Era - London,UK is set to revolutionize the way we do social networking. Millionaires will be made as this new company shares its wealth with its members ...

Exclusive First Look: UrbanSeeder, new social network

By Robert Scoble
Here we get an exclusive first look, from the floor of the LIFT conference that happened last week in Geneva, Switzerland, to UrbanSeeder, which is a unique social networking application. Maya started it to meet people and to get out of ... Technology, Business,... -

Coming Soon: Social Network APIs
By John Musser
The article predicts many of the bigger social network sites like MySpace, LinkedIn, and Friendster will follow the lead of the Facebook API and make their networks available as web services. What’s the motivation? ...
ProgrammableWeb -

Social Networking for Emergency Response
By (Adena Schutzberg)
An article in Science, covered by the Discovey Channel highlights the potential use of social networking on the Web as a tool of emergency response. The idea is to take advantage of existing groups and their trust relationships to help ...
All Points Blog -

DNA Tracing: The Next Social Networking Network?
By Lorelle VanFossen
What makes this new social networking trend fascinating is the new relationships that could form because of this. The concept of “family” has been changing for a long time in the United States and elsewhere as we move farther apart from ...
The Blog Herald -

Social Networking is Here to Stay
By Criteo
A few years ago, the whole concept of what a social network could be hadn't fully developed to a point where we knew what to expect from these services. Even today, the definition of a social network is continually being redefined as ...
Criteo The Blog -

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